Understanding Solar Shingles and Its Benefits

Solar technology is advancing day by day and with it solar roofing has become an affordable asset. Solar shingles play an important role in solar roofing. They are a new roofing material. Property and homeowners can take great benefit out of it as they save energy and reduce electricity bills. They are made of flexible material sheets which looks like conventional asphalt shingles. They convert the sun’s rays to electricity to power the home. You may consider solar shingles for your home due to below mentioned reasons:

1. Cost effectiveSolar shingles obviously reduce your electricity bill and makes you less reliable on the power grid. In a case if more electricity is produced by shingles, it can be sold back to the power company, thus further reduces your cost.


2. Aesthetics– Literally and figuratively, solar shingles are designed to fit in with your current roof. Their size is reduced to resemble the roofing shingles which you currently have on your roof.


3. Easy to install– You can choose special installers who can install solar shingles on your roof. They may also advise you about other solar products which may further reduce your electricity charges.

Solar panel installation

4. Rebates and credits– Government offers many rebates and credits for consumers who wants to install solar shingles. When shingles become more prevalent then credits are more likely to increase which may reduce your upfront costs to install solar technology.


Since it is a big investment, so fully weigh your options before making your final purchase. For professional advice and recommendations you may visit our website www.departmentofgreenenergy.org. Department of Green Energy Inc. is always there to help you.


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